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Fast, safe, cozy in waves - the basic properties of the North American Inuit boats have been transferred to the latest boat building technology.

Beginners and professionals get with the BAIDARKA II an extraordinarily elegant, good-natured and reliable ship for rivers, lakes and the open sea.

The Helmi-Sport BAIDARKA 2 in Kevlar carbon hard foam is the high-tech version of the BAIDARKA 2.

With tried-and-tested hard foam frame processing and modern adhesive resins, it has been possible to build a super-stiff boat with enormous impact resistance, which is as easy to repair in an emergency as the diol version, despite considerable weight savings.

The lightweight version is superior in all respects to this size of boat and the shape of the buckling frame of the diol construction.

The handling of the long boat becomes a pleasure on the way.

The equipment is completely identical to the diol version.

Approximately 37.3 kg total weight in Kevlar carbon with rigid foam skeleton and keel reinforcement

Complete equipment with Current-Designs folding control and Sealect side rails, ergonomic Lettmann seat shells made of thermoplastic, 2 Finland PU luggage hatch covers with safety catch, recessed cover sockets and foam partition walls glued on both sides.

With strong, recessed Finland deck eyelets, adjustable deck rubbers, deck lines and two HD80 belt pads.

Steel loops for theft protection, ergonomic toggles for low-injury rescue aid at sea, compass recess for Silva 70 UN front and rear.

    611cm length,
    73cm largest width,
    90cm seat hatches,
    Front: 32cm knee height, 28cm knee width, 117cm leg length,
    Back: 34cm knee height, 28cm knee width, 135cm leg length.
    Volume front 80l, middle 450l, rear 110l = 640l total volume.

Rental *** beginners *** advanced **** small river - river *** lake **** coast **** short wave **** long wave **** initial stability **** final stability *** Little drivers *** Big drivers ***


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Lettmann Cushion for Lettmann PE-Seats Lettmann Cushion for Lettmann PE-Seats
25.00 € *
Helmi Cockpit-Bag with Shoulder-Straps Helmi Cockpit-Bag with Shoulder-Straps
59.50 € *
Garmin 70 UN Boat-Compass Garmin 70 UN Boat-Compass
103.50 € *
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