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Lettmann Nordstern DCS - Used boat equipped

Product no.: lettmannnordstern

Hiking, touring and sea kayak from the Lettmann Germany series in high quality Diolen construction and with built-in control.
Day and luggage tour boat for rivers, lakes and tours on the coast.
Quiet run in big waves.

1,850.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Tahe Tandem Maxi Elite 645 - Used boat equipped

Product no.: 01429040

A really large touring and offshore boat with an excellent price-performance ratio.
Easy to manage: sit in and drive off.
Great initial stability, good straight-line stability, very simple control operation, 2 separate storage spaces, 1 additional central compartment, complete deck covering. You really couldn't ask for more.

2,250.00 *
Pricelist 3,491.50 €
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Prijon Senja Prilite with Rudder - 1x Sale

Product no.: 01114005

Narrow lines for smaller people and higher speed-level while touring.

1,803.36 *
Pricelist 2,083.13 €
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Helmi Baidarka 2 Kevlar-Carbon - Sold

Product no.: 01191008

Fast, safe, cozy in waves - the basic properties of the North American Inuit boats have been transferred to the latest boat building technology.

Beginners and professionals get with the BAIDARKA II an extraordinarily elegant, good-natured and reliable ship for rivers, lakes and the open sea.

6,102.18 *
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