White-Water kayak

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Prijon Repair Stick PE

Product no.: 10114011

For Plastics Repair.

4.50 *

Prijon Enduro 450 HTP

Product no.: 01114011

The Prijon HTP Enduro is a handy hiking and sports kayak with double foreclosure.
A compact hiking tackle for all paddlers of medium to large size.
Much contact in the cockpit for the perfect power transmission.

1,339.00 *

Prijon Enduro 380 HTP

Product no.: 01114014

Short - agile - agile!
A genuine all-rounder!
An Enduro - but very different.
The ENDURO 380 is much shorter than its big brother and has a lot more rocker.

1,339.00 *
Not in stock
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Wavesport Recon 70 Whiteout - 1x on stock

Product no.: 01093021

State of the art boat design for the best "Creek" features.
Excellent controllability. Fast, good-natured, "Autoboof" feature.
The right creeker for specialists in heavy whitewater or maximum safety for advanced users when feeling the next level of difficulty.

799.00 *
Pricelist 1,145.00 €
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Wavesport Ethos 10 Skeg Blackout WW/River Hybrid Kayak

Product no.: 01093025

Hybrid between modern Whitewater Creeker and Touring Kayak on small Rivers.

945.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

francesconi Sintesi 360 Diolen WW - Gebrauchtboot im Kundenauftrag

Product no.: sintesi360

Classic small river and white water kayak for small to medium-sized paddlers. Also ideal for beginners and occasional WW paddlers.
Large volume with an elaborately styled lower hull for maximum final stability with good turning and surfing properties. Like no other boat, the SINTESI combines old-school paddling technology with modern, active paddling style. At the end of the laminate boat era in WW, the SINTESI made it possible for the first time to cross several water balancing streams with the highest safety reserves. A classic and a design treat. Hammer-hard vinyl ester laminate with plenty of Diolen fabric layers.

250.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Lettmann Rocky 370 PE WW - Gebrauchtboot im Kundenauftrag

Product no.: lettmannrocky

Classic WW boat for small rivers to water balance made of rotated PE. Maximum side rounding ensures good-naturedness even in critical flow conditions. Good compromise between keel jump and leadership. Great for water balancing or luggage tours in the WW.
For medium to large paddlers.

250.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days
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