Gear Aid Seam Grip for Urethane 28g

Gear Aid Seam Grip for Urethane 28g

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1000 g = 319.64 €

Elastic adhesive based on urethane (PU). Sealed and repaired at the same time.

Seam sealing:

     Clean the surfaces with isopropyl alcohol.
     Apply seam grip in a thin film on the inside of the seam.
     Balance the brush with too thick an order.
     Holes and cracks:
     Glue damaged area behind with removable adhesive tape.
     Fill the damaged area 5 mm beyond its edges with Seam-Grip.
     Remove adhesive tape when Seam-Grip is fully cured. This is the case after 12 hours at the earliest.

28g in the tube with screw cap.

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