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Dependable and intuitive

You immediately feel at home in the Ace of Spades! The boat is dependable, precise and intuitive to paddle, it has reserves and manners which we need in order to feel safe in difficult whitewater. When paddled actively and decisively, it displays dynamics to make anyone addicted! For whitewater beginners and advanced paddlers alike, the Ace of Spades is a boat with reserves, and it provides great feedback when you train advanced paddle techniques. And for whitewater experts, the Ace of Spades is a reliable tool with which to explore the limits of the sport – and on top of all that, it is great fun when training on easy whitewater too.
With ease

The Ace of Spades rewards an active paddle style because it accelerates with little effort, retains speed over drops and holes and does not go astray in crossflows. Changing edges is effortless and quick, the upper hull is optimised for predictable resurfacing. The hull’s moderate rocker line makes for easy boofing without the boat losing speed.
Half round, half flat

The hull shape of the Ace of Spades combines the advantages of a round and flat bottom: When paddled flat, it is agile and turns with little effort; when edging, it pulls very dynamically into the eddy. However, the edges of the Ace of Spades are not aggressive like those of a flat-bottomed boat but react smoothly if you touch a rock in steep water or use an adjacent rock to boof.
Big, but slim

Despite its volume of 320 litres, we designed the knee area of the Ace of Spades to be slim and smooth in order not to hinder an upright and active paddle technique. The cell around the cockpit and the back of the boat also provide a lot of freedom for movement. So paddlers from 65 to 100 kilos feel at home in the Ace of Spades although when checking the specs, you could gain the impression that the boat is designed for larger paddlers.
the facts

  • Length: 265 cm
  • Width: 67.5 cm
  • Volume: 320 liters
  • Cockpit size: 90 cm
  • Weight: approx. 22.5 kg (Pro)
  • Colour: burnt orange
  • Paddler weight: 65–110 kg


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