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Gumotex Swing K1 single kayak air boat - used by customer order

Product no.: gumotexswingk1

Versatile kayak for 2 paddlers on rivers and lakes.
Very fine and strong fabric.
Proofed serious for years!

New Dropstitch Bottom.

500.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Poucher Boote RZ-85-2 Foldingkayak - Used Craft, equipped

Product no.: poucherrz85

The well-known double pouch with the light PVC skin on the wooden frame. It may not have the simplest assembly method, but it is relatively light and very fast on the water.

390.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Riot Escape 12 Angler - used by customer

Product no.: riotangler

The Riot ESCAPE 12 is a fully equipped fishing kayak.
A double-walled sit-on-top kayak with storage compartment, steering system and deck covering at an unbeatable price.
The ideal fishing boat for all areas.

350.00 *
Pricelist 749.00 €
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Prijon Flipper Prilte Kid`s Kayak - Used boat with customer accessories

Product no.: prijonflipper

The Prijon PRILITE-FLIPPER is a children's boat for small rivers and rivers.
With its compact length and large keel, children can learn paddling techniques from an early age.
Large tours without a current should, however, be planned very carefully.
The composite material PRILITE made of ABS and PMMA and results in a very light and relatively strong hull.

399.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Prijon Odyssey K2 HTP - Used boat with rudder

Product no.: prijonodyssey

The Prijon HTP-Odyssey 490 is a compact all-round two-person kayak for beginners and a small river boat for advanced users.
It is suitable for brisk water with narrow passages. Of course, you can also take tours on standing water with the. Then the demands should not be as high as with the 520 all-rounders.

499.00 *
Not in stock
This product is subject to possible delivery delays.

Tahe Tandem Maxi Elite 645 - Used boat equipped

Product no.: 01429040

A really large touring and offshore boat with an excellent price-performance ratio.
Easy to manage: sit in and drive off.
Great initial stability, good straight-line stability, very simple control operation, 2 separate storage spaces, 1 additional central compartment, complete deck covering. You really couldn't ask for more.

2,250.00 *
Pricelist 3,491.50 €
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Lettmann Nordstern DCS - Used boat equipped

Product no.: lettmannnordstern

Hiking, touring and sea kayak from the Lettmann Germany series in high quality Diolen construction and with built-in control.
Day and luggage tour boat for rivers, lakes and tours on the coast.
Quiet run in big waves.

1,850.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Wenonah Spirit II Tufweave Wooden Trim - Used boat

Product no.: spiritwood

The Spirit II is the right choice if you are looking for a versatile and stable touring canoe, for a specific reason (insecure partner, pike fishing, St. Bernard on board, taking pictures while standing with a tripod, etc.) need extreme initial stability.

890.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Helmi Touring 430 - Used boat

Product no.: touring430

Compact hiking trail for small rivers and rivers and smaller lakes.

350.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days
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