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Spade Kayaks Ace of Spades Pro Customer Kayak, not used!

Product no.: aceofspades

You immediately feel at home in the Ace of Spades! The boat is dependable, precise and intuitive to paddle, it has reserves and manners which we need in order to feel safe in difficult whitewater. When paddled actively and decisively, it displays dynamics to make anyone addicted!

999.00 *
Pricelist 1,390.00 €
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Helmi Touring Express 2 Diolen Rudder, Paddles - sold!

Product no.: tex2dblaugb

Versatile Touring Kayak day and holiday tours. After a short period of familiarization, you can also negotiate very tight small river curves with pleasure and full swing.

699.00 *

Bavaria Amazonas II Gfk - Used boat with customer accessories

Product no.: gbamazonas

The versatile Touring Kayak for small river, river and lake. Ideal transport and garage dimensions. Full hatch for taking small children or small dogs. Flat bottom for maximum initial stability. Sufficient storage space for small weekend tours.
Glass fiber construction.

499.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days
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