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Zegul Play MV PE Skeg - sold!

Product no.: 01429037

Highly manoeverable Playboat for Open Waters.

1,529.00 *

francesconi Sintesi 360 Diolen WW - Gebrauchtboot im Kundenauftrag

Product no.: sintesi360

Classic small river and white water kayak for small to medium-sized paddlers. Also ideal for beginners and occasional WW paddlers.
Large volume with an elaborately styled lower hull for maximum final stability with good turning and surfing properties. Like no other boat, the SINTESI combines old-school paddling technology with modern, active paddling style. At the end of the laminate boat era in WW, the SINTESI made it possible for the first time to cross several water balancing streams with the highest safety reserves. A classic and a design treat. Hammer-hard vinyl ester laminate with plenty of Diolen fabric layers.

250.00 *
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