Gumotex Solar Pro K2 - Model 2022 lime

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The Gumotex Solar 2-person kayak is an airboat for rest and active rest.

The solar is built for protected water surfaces.
He feels well on moderately flowing rivers and wind-protected lakes.
The open design allows sun to the whole body and facilitates boarding.
In addition, the adjustable seats are trimmable and allow perfect balance with two different Paddlergrößen or when used as a one-kayak.
The boat is made of NITRILON®:
High-strength PES fabric, coated on both sides with synthetic rubber.
The material has a high abrasion, aging and UV resistance.
Tensile strength at least 3000N.
Bayonet valves (push-pull) for the main chambers.
Rotary valves for the upholstery chambers.
The boat is delivered with:
adjustable footrests, backrests, carrying handles, 80l transport bag, valve adapter, repair kit, plug-in fin.

  • 410cm length
  • 80cm width
  • 22cm side hose diameter
  • 3 + 4 + 2 air chambers
  • 3.0PSI operating pressure
  • 270kg maximum carrying capacity
  • 65x40x25cm Packrucksackmaß (80l)
  • 18.5 kg weight

Airboat Rating:
Speed ​​*** Initial stability *** Sailing load *** Weight **** Pack size / Storage / Travel **** One *** Double **** Additional child * Flow *** White water **