Helmi HD80 Backrest with Cordura Shell Large Size

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Perfect back support for boats with a high cockpit rear edge or a short life jacket design.
The center of this super upholstery remains the fine-pored and super-stable HDPE80 foam.
This adapts to your spine after a few trips and therefore provides extensive support.
The ingenious elasticity gently cushions your movements.
On the front of the plate is a soft foam in "mat hardness" mounted.
It also cushions fine structures in a controlled manner.
The whole thing is sewn around with our strong Cordura fabric and therefore finally free of glue spots that could come loose at some point.
On the back of the plate there are belt loops for the back belt and for a suspension with elastic cord.
The plate is pushed onto the back strap and fits into the Lettmann seat backrest locking groove.
A firm and comfortable support that is also aimed at paddlers with spinal problems.
All foams are closed-cell.
Therefore the plate dries very quickly.

  • 33cm width
  • 29cm height
  • approx. 30mm thickness
  • 400g

The high plate is ideal for higher boats, two-person kayaks or paddlers who need a lot of support.