Lettmann Akaroa HV Expedition DCS red-lightgrey-yellow

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The Lettmann sea kayak with the most guidance and at the same time very high agility. The Akaroa can do without a skeg or rudder for a particularly long time in wind and waves, whether from the front or from behind, as well as when driving in the (tidal) current. In order to achieve that, we stole volume from it, volume in the hull. Likewise, we had to give it more S-stroke and place its cockpit further back. The even safer and slightly wider underwater hull (compared to Biscay) also makes the Akaroa super stable at the beginning. In combination with the relatively short waterline, the Akaroa is a real surfing machine, it is manoeuvrable and, thanks to the very U-shaped hull, is extremely easy to control. Of course, the Akaroa is equipped with integrated steering skegs.

  • 525cm length
  • 58cm width
  • 31.5cm knee height
  • 155 kg load capacity
  • 330=70+165+95l volume
  • 90x46.5cm outside cockpit dimensions
  • 26.50 kg weight

€ 3250,- Akaroa Expedition DCS HV (01092013)

€ 195,- surcharge storage compartment front (01092085)

€ 275,- surcharge Aramid keel strips (01092058)

€ 55.00 surcharge toggles cross hole (01092086)

€ 140,- surcharge compass mounted (01092093)