Nortik Scubi 2 XL Tandem-Hybrid-Inflatable and Foldingkayak red-black

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Very stiff construction:

Inflatable Tandem-Kayak with aluminium rods as inner keel section.

High seat position for effortless paddling.

The Nortik Scubi 2 combines the baggage-minimizing airboat with the running properties of a folding boat. Many manufacturers have dared to use this hybrid, but the subject has never been approached with so much understanding of the possibilities.
The linkage is used to stretch the boat along the length and to sharpen the stern. The rest of the boat remains an airboat.
The following positive properties add up:
Low weight, small pack size, unrestricted suitability for beginners, but also stiffness unusual for an airboat, direct response, faster reactions, smoothness, straight running, smooth running behavior in rough water, less wind resistance.
This is matched by a very solid seat construction with a significantly higher center of gravity for effortless paddling and a decoupling of the seat from the constantly wet bilge.
The whole thing is completed with a "correct", adjustable back strap. For higher demands, spray blanket and control system can also be purchased.
Complete equipment with backpack pannier and piston pump with pressure gauge.

  • 480cm length
  • 90cm wide
  • 4 air chambers with molded bars
  • 0.25 bar / 3.6psi maximum operating pressure
  • 250kg maximum load capacity
  • 120x48x30cm pack backpack size
  • approx. 19 kg weight
  • approx. 15 minutes for experienced builders, according to the manufacturer