Prijon Enduro 450 HTP

Product no.: 01114011

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The Prijon HTP Enduro is a handy hiking and sports kayak with double foreclosure.

A compact hiking tackle for all paddlers of medium to large size.
Much contact in the cockpit for the perfect power transmission.
Side sloping deck in the cockpit area for low water takeover.
The Prijon typical buckling frame version of the underwater hull invites to the fearless first contact with the wet element.
A small river boat, which still has some leeway for easy WW and does not shrink from leisurely hiking or lakes in wind and wave.
Rudder preparation for control LUXURY.

  • 453cm in length
  • 62cm width
  • 92.5 x 50.5cm cockpit (size 4)
  • about 376l volume
  • about 130kg payload
  • 33,5cm knee height
  • 117cm leg length
  • 29,82 kg weight
  • Blown PE, side rails with rotary pedals.

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