Spraydeck for folding-kayak Klepper T9 - used by customer

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We manufacture the Helmi folding boat cover for all folding boats directly on your boat or according to a template that has to be made very precisely. The cover is made of tear-resistant Cordura fabric with high abrasion resistance and PU/acrylic coating with a 4m water column (black) Sewn and welded, with stiffened profile coaming edges made of soft PVC. The blankets have Velcro and rubber clamps as standard. The Velcro loop tape is self-adhesive and is glued to the coaming. The Velcro tape is sewn to the spraydeck. Advantages: very simple assembly, no manual force required, good tightness against rainwater. In addition, a rubber band is sewn into the spraydeck hem as a bead (=clamping rubber). If necessary, it can be pushed between the hood and the coaming. This requires finger strength. Advantages: very good tightness against waves from the side. Always delivered with sail chimney with roll-up closure and splash skirts. Hatch covers, pressure rods, braces, deck eyelets/patches and children's hatches are available as accessories at an additional cost. Coaming inner dimensions of the PVC profile coaming, if possible from the boat: 75x37cm. We have two templates for the aprons and manufacture with the largest possible cut-out. There is the oval "Klepper" shape and the squarer "RZ" shape.

Used on customer order:

Production date: April 2020

Used: 1x


Spraydeck: Cordura black

Spray apron: Sympatex black with suspenders

In addition 1 hatch cover Cordura black.

Fits all Klepper folding boats with the T9 coaming shape.