Wenonah Minnesota II Tufweave with foam skeleton 55lbs used boat

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The We.no.nah Minnesota II is a fantastically fast and extremely easy touring canoe for all rivers and lakes. It offers a touring speed when planing, extreme wave and end stability, straight-line stability, plenty of loading options and minimal water carryover. His driving performance tempts you to learn an efficient paddling technique, which he rewards with a smooth run and elegant manoeuvres. In order to get its maximum efficiency, the MINNESOTA II wants to be driven with fast, soft, even strokes. Exactly what the human body likes best as endurance performance. It can be corrected in direction by edging without significantly reducing the speed (carving). 2 small children or larger dogs are welcome to ride in the middle of the boat. 564cm length 89cm maximum width 85cm waterline width 85cm coaming width 51cm bow height 32cm side height 41cm rear height Slight flare in front, slight tumble home in the middle, straight behind, flat round bottom with edges, almost no rocker. Weighed 26.34 kg weight Rental ** Beginner *** Advanced ***** Initial stability **** Final stability *** White water tour - small river * River **** Lake ***** Paddler light ***/heavy ***** Luggage ***** Turning * Carving ***** Directional Stability ***** Efficiency ***** Planing *** Used boat on customer order. Selling in the name and on behalf of a customer. No warranty, no VAT ID. The boat was bought 9/2000. Very good condition, scratches on the hull almost exclusively from embarking and disembarking. I painted over the most visually disturbing scratches with a fine layer. If necessary, they can be further optimized with wet sandpaper. The boat has hardly been ridden and has no visible wear on the inside. Vacuum-processed Tufweave fabric with the famous Wenonah rigid foam skeleton for maximum stiffness at the lowest possible weight. Alutrim silver, bucket seats, front sliding seat, rear footrest, carrying yoke with comfortable sling-style upholstery. The pads are screwed and removable.