Wenonah Sundowner 17 Tufweave with foam skeleton 25,88kg used boat

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The most versatile We.no.nah touring canoe for 2 paddlers. Sufficiently agile for rapid small river trips. Sufficiently directional stability and fast for long distances on lakes in wind and weather. Sufficient volume for 2 adults with plenty of luggage. Sufficient volume for 2 adults and 1 child with average luggage. Ideal for beginners who don't want to commit themselves. Ideal for experts who are looking for a super compact boat with outstanding driving characteristics. Excellent training boat because every technique can be learned quickly with this boat. Noble Tufweave vacuum with hard foam skeleton for maximum rigidity at low weight.

  • 518 cm length
  • 88 cm maximum width
  • 83 cm waterline
  • 87 cm coaming width
  • 35.5 cm side height
  • 53 cm bow height
  • 46 cm rear height
  • Hardly any rocker, slight tumble home, semi-flat round bottom
  • Wood trim with wicker seats.
  • 25.88 kg weight

Used boat on customer order. No VAT ID, no warranty.

Year of construction 1993. Very good condition. Hardly driven, well stored. Complete with buoyancy chambers, 2 Quetico Bentshaft paddles, 1 hanging seat.

If you prefer the wooden edge to be lighter, you can sand it and re-oil it.