Ultra-Light Composite-Canoes

Ultra-Light Composite-Canoes

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Wenonah Champlain Kevlar-Vacuum-Core - onl 1 test model complete!

Product no.: 03339007

The Champlain is a super tourer for big people, big luggage, big dogs and / or big water.
Or just a boat for people who need plenty of space and looking for a high-end all-rounder.
A familycanoe for 2 adults with 2 (if necessary also full grown) children and plenty of luggage.
The slightly rounded box body ensures high initial stability. The raised tips for the driest run.
The keel jump (rocker) for good maneuverability of the fully loaded boat.
The Champlain makes on sporty small river up to the moving lake a very good figure.

3,999.00 *
Pricelist 5,454.00 €
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days Aurora Kevlar Ultralight - Only 1 left!

Product no.: 03339033

The boat turns extremely light and precise.

So it is ideal for hiking on small rivers.

Flow and waves may already be stronger. The AURORA does not transfer water.

Two adults can bring a child or light weekend baggage.

Handiness and low side wall are his trump cards.

Experienced paddlers tease the boat up to WW 2 full.

The laminate AURORA leads and accelerates well for a boat of this size, responds quickly to clean technology and carvt outstanding.

Rental **** Beginner **** Advanced **** Initial Stability *** End Stability **** White Water Tour * Small River **** River *** Lake * Easy Paddler **** / Heavy *** Luggage * * Turning ** carving *** directional stability * efficiency ** gliding -

3,499.00 *
Pricelist 4,095.00 €
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Black Lite Carbon Bentshaft - Only 1 uncut!

Product no.: 08339018

Super lightweight Bentshaft.

Top of the pop.

249.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Wenonah Sundowner 17 Kevlar Flexcore - Only 1 left!

Product no.: 03339147

Very agile for rapid small river trips.

Very stable and fast for long distances on lakes in wind and weather.

Ample volume for 2 adults with luggage. Sufficient volume for 2 adults and 1 child with average luggage.

Ideal for beginners who do not want to commit themselves. Ideal for experts who are looking for a super-compact boat with outstanding handling characteristics.

Excellent training boat because every technique with this boat is easy to learn.

3,499.00 *
Pricelist 4,214.00 €
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Wenonah Escapade Tufweave-Flexcore red Special Offer Test Model

Product no.: 03339060

Hybrid canoe in between Solo and Tandem.

A little more Tandem.

2,500.00 *
Pricelist 3,600.00 €
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Clipper Escape 14.6 Fiberglass

Product no.: 03339001

Versatile small Tandem-Tourer for calm rivers and lakes.

2,495.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Clipper Yukon 16.8 Fiberglass-Foamcore

Product no.: 03339002

Versatile midsizeTandem-Tourer for rivers and lakes.

2,945.00 *
In stock. Time of delivery: up to 3 days

Nova Craft Canoe Prospector 16 Tuff Stuff - On Demand

Product no.: 03402003

Tuff-Stuff-Composite LayupTandem-Tourer for rivers and lakes.

Light and strong.

3,049.00 *
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