Gumotex Rush K2 Dropstich-Bottom

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Thanks to the smart combination of innovative bow and keel construction as well as drop-stitch technology, the RUSH offers numerous possibilities. The RUSH is suitable for recreational paddling tours, boat trips, calm lakes, near the coast, up to white water level II. Optionally, the kayak can be retrofitted with a rudder and/or a spray deck. The RUSH 2 can be paddled solo or in pairs thanks to the well thought-out seat and fitting system. Dropstitch technology is based on connecting the upper and lower layers of the fabric with thousands of polyester fibers. This fabric, which has an airtight coating, is protected on both sides with a durable NITRILON® material. Thanks to the thousands of fibers that hold the two layers together, drop-stitch products can withstand high pressure. When inflated, the material becomes very firm and comes very close to the characteristics of a fixed kayak, while the pack size remains small.

  • Carrying handles at bow and stern for easy handling
  • Drop stitch bottom
  • Comfortable, firm foam seat
  • Directional fin mount
  • directional fin
  • Safety ropes at bow and stern
  • Length: 420cm
  • Width: 82cm
  • Max. load capacity: 195 kg
  • Number of air chambers: 3+2
  • Weight: 15.5kg
  • Maximum number of people: 2
  • Pack size: 69cm x 48cm x 28cm