KeelEazy PVC Keelstrip

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KeelEazy is a self-adhesive (peel and stick) strip that provides a durable surface anywhere that abrasion is a concern. Ideally suited for the keel of kayaks, it is also used on boats, canoes, jet skis, car doors, etc.

KeelEazy Strips are easily applied to fiberglass, polyethylene, thermoformed ABS and metal surfaces and can be molded over compound curves with the use of a heat gun. The PVC material is only 1/32” thick and comes in 2”, 3” and 4” widths. The 2″ wide KeelEazy weighs only .6 ounces per foot.

Chris Mitchell, founder of KeelEazy, tells how KeelEazy got started:

“In 2009, I was spending a great deal of time teaching surfing and hanging out at the ocean. Up here in Washington we have fewer choices than many places around the world, but my favorite is Hobuck Beach at the NW corner of Washington State. It is a beach break but a very gradual slope. At low tide the water line can be as much as a quarter mile from camp. With poly boats most people just pick up the stern and drag the bow on the fine sand. I tried it with a new composite boat (a heavy sea kayak) that I was testing. I stopped after about 25 yards and inspected the hull. I was amazed to find the gelcoat gone where it had contacted the sand.

“I spent the rest of that summer trying all the kinds of tapes, films, and rubber strips that I could find to see if I could come up with a way to resolve this problem. It made no sense to me to add a fiberglass keel strip to the keel to protect it from the same material the boat was made of. I finally found a PVC material that could be mated with mechanical adhesive that worked great. With a few refinements, that is the KeelEazy we sell today. We have expanded the product line to include other specialty cuts to solve other abrasion problems.”

Chris has since retired from KeelEazy and Paulette Bergh acquired the company in 2018. She operates KeelEazy out of Bellingham, WA where she also rows, sails, kayaks and does Stand Up Paddle-boarding as often possible.

KeelEazy Application Instructions – Apply at Room Temperature – approximately 70 F/21 C

  1. You will need:
    • Heat gun or hairdryer
    • Isopropyl alcohol (provided in the kits)
    • Leather glove
    • Scissors (to cut it shorter or round the edges)
    • Exacto knife or razor blade to cut around skeg (when necessary)
  2. Prepare the surface: Repair any cracks or holes prior to installing. If there are deep gauges, lightly sand the surface to smooth it out. Clean the area where the KeelEazy is to be adhered well with Isopropyl alcohol. This is extremely important!
  3. Round the corners: Use a scissors to round off the corners and the ends of the strip. If you purchased a kit, this has already been done for you.
  4. Separate the blue backing strip from the adhesive. This is probably the most difficult part of the installation. Be sure and leave the adhesive on the KeelEazy and remove the blue backing tape only. Use a razor blade if necessary.
  5. Apply the strip onto the hull: Once one end is firmly attached you can stretch the strip slightly, being sure to center over the keel. You can cut the KeelEazy with a scissors if the strip is too long for your boat. Then go over the strip with a hair dryer or hot air gun on a low setting to press out any wrinkles. Start in the middle and move out to each end. Also start at the apex of the keel and push outwards to avoid air bubbles or wrinkles. Using a squeegee or roller can help to smooth out any bubbles. Use a low setting. Do not overheat.
  6. To remove or reset: Simply heat the strip up using low heat and lift it off.
  7. Acute angles and corners: To go around a sharp corner, you may need to make a notch or scallop at the apex of the corner to go around the corner. If you make a flap, be sure the leading edge goes over the other so that it won’t catch when moving your boat.