Viscovoss Polylite 720-800 Isophtal-Poyester-Resin 700g

Viscovoss Polylite 720-800 Isophtal-Poyester-Resin 700g

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High quality resin for Boat-Building and repair.

VISCOVOSS Polylite 720 Isophthalic acid polyester resin with high water resistance and impact resistance.

For boat building with high demands, for repair of Gfk, Diolen, Aramid, Kevlar, Carbon, Vinylester and Tufweave (repair epoxy boats only with epoxy resin!).

The resin is pre-accelerated and adjusted to 2-4% MEKP Hardener addition.

    Ca.20 minutes pot life at 20ºC.
    20kJ / sqm impact resistance,
    140N / mm2 bending strength unreinforced to DIN.
    600ml tin with screw cap = approx. 700 g resin.

An isophthalic resin has a much higher bond strength than a "standard" polyester resin.

Therefore, it is possible to realize permanent tissue-to-tissue bonds without glass mat interlayers, as we would expect from high quality American /

know Canadian boats. The elasticity is drastically increased.

Unfortunately, the isophthalic resin cures only with "annealing" (heating of the workpiece after pre-curing) completely tack-free.

The previous addition of paraffin during filling bypasses the problem.

Since paraffin forms a fine wax film on the material surface, it should always be sanded and wiped before further processing.